Giuseppe Pezzano: “American investors choosing Serie A”

Giuseppe Pezzano: “American investors choosing Serie A”
OSA Seattle FC
At TMW Radio the entrepreneur Giuseppe Pezzano, founder and president of OSA Seattle, had this to say about the many American ownerships entering Italy’s Serie A:
“Let’s try to make sure that Americans adapt to our soccer, or we will get to a level of acquisitions that will become simple economic transactions. The real limits are in the infrastructure; I say this all the time to whoever asks me. I hope that Commisso in Florence can rapidly complete the sports center, and that they allow him to do something about the stadium, that way it can be an example to all”.
As for 777 Partners and the Genoa club, Pezzano added: “I’m pleased, it’s been more than 10 years since the Italian market was first approached, when Saputo arrived in Italy. It was 2009, and it was thanks to my companies. I always maintained that we would get here, in the next 2-3 years I believe we will see others. This is because in the last 10 years American soccer has grown exponentially, and everyone has fallen in love with this marvelous game. There are people that have money and passion for soccer. These are important investors; I know their executives. They invest in various sectors, including entertainment, show business and sports. To create a show, you need actors, therefore, soccer players. In Serie A, a type of competition has been created among the various American ownerships present. We have a motto: friends off the field, but enemies on it.”
Photo: Eccellenze Italiane