Little Talk With Freddy Kleemann | “MLS? I’m more than ready”

Little Talk With Freddy Kleemann | “MLS? I’m more than ready”
Vittorio Umberto Sasso


Freddy, first of all, congratulations on your achievement from OSA FC. We are all very proud of you. So, tell us, are you ready to fly to Austin?
“Thank you! I am more than ready! The feeling of being draft was surreal and super exciting, it’s hard to describe in words. In addition, I am just super thankful for the opportunity I was given and would like to thank everyone that has helped me get to this point. Lastly, I am excited for the future and getting to work!”

We look forward to follow you on this new adventure! You are officially the 3rd OSA player being drafted so far, how do you think the experience with the club helped your growth as a player?
“OSA was important for my growth as a player, it gave me a home during the spring and summer. OSA gave me the opportunity to play more games and improve my game with all the great support from my teammates and all the coaches. This club and organization played a big role in allowing me to develop and reach the next level.”

Do you think it is a good opportunity for players to join OSA FC through our tryouts?
“I think OSA is a great team as they provide a great staff and support system, and they play good soccer and are very competitive in their league. In addition, all the players at OSA are unique individuals that are all welcoming and serious about soccer. I believe
OSA is a great destination for any player trying to develop and have fun playing soccer.”

Thank you very much for your time, good luck for your new adventure, and as always FORZA OSA!!!
“Thanks Vitto. Over my time at OSA you have become a great teammate and more importantly a good friend. I would like to thank Filippo Milano and Giussepe Pezzano for supporting me and creating such a welcoming and professional soccer team, FORZA OSA!!!!!!!”