Little talk with Jackson Ragen | “My time at Osa was a great time for my development”

Little talk with Jackson Ragen | “My time at Osa was a great time for my development”
Vittorio Umberto Sasso

OSA Seattle FC is coming back stronger than ever! After a summer of stop due to the COVID-19, we are restarting to create a great summer experience for you. We really want you to get closer to our environment and understand the possibility we can offer you. Together, we’ll jump inside the OSA community before the season start.

We’ll post some interviews, called Little talk with, with some players, coaches, and people who have joined our folks.

For the first edition, we’ll talk with Jackson Ragen. The central back from the University of Michigan played for us in the 2019 season. Jackson has been an incredible player but at first, he showed his quality as a human being. And we have a great news for you: Little hint: MLS Draft 2021.



Jackson, congratulation on your achievement from OSA FC, it was nice to follow you through your past season at University of Michigan. How does it feel being drafted by Chicago Fire FC?
“Thanks so much, it felt great to be drafted by Chicago and I’m super excited for the opportunity there. I think it was a culmination of years of hard work and I’m super thankful to everyone who has helped me get to this point, but I know I still have lots of work to do.”

It is really nice to heard that from you, we will follow your soccer career for sure. You are officially the 4th OSA player being drafted so far, how do you think the experience with the club helped your growth as a player?
“My time at OSA was a great time for my development. I was able to get lots of good games in over the summer against great competition, as well as being in a good training environment with great coaches. I felt super fit and sharp heading into college preseason in the fall.”

Do you think it is a good opportunity for players to join OSA FC through our tryouts?
“I think OSA is a great place to play because you get to play with such a diverse group of people. There are people from all ages and backgrounds, and you get to play with professional Italian players which is a great experience.”

Thank you very much for your time, good luck for your new adventure, and as always FORZA OSA!!!
“Thanks Vitto, and I want to say a huge thank you to owner Giussepe Pezzano and head coach Filippo Milano for supporting me and helping me grow as a player. FORZA OSA!”

Vittorio Umberto Sasso