Little Talk With | The preview of second edition

Little Talk With | The preview of second edition
Vittorio Umberto Sasso

Hey there OSA fans, the snow is hitting hard in Seattle Area, but it can’t stop our passion for soccer. In the office, the temperatures are comfy, of course! And we are working to make a memorable summer for you all.

Instead, our players are wearing hats and gloves to fight the cold. It’s guaranteed. During the past years, many OSA players have been recruited from the University of Washington and Seattle University. We want to inform you that their seasons have already started. If you’d like to see some of our players in action, check the website of the university > men’s soccer > schedule.

Right from UW, we had the chance to wear Freddy Kleemann with OSA’s jersey since 2017. During his career with us, Freddy proved to be a rock in the defensive line. In a couple of games, even a goal scored. But let’s get right to the point: he got drafted at 1st round from Austin FC during the MLS Draft 2021, and we want you to hear his voice.

The second edition of LITTLE TALK WITH will be online on Thursday 18th.