Our Mission

OSA Seattle FC is an American soccer club with Italian influence. The club was created to bridge the USA and Italian soccer realities, and offer a cultural exchange program on and off the soccer field.

OSA is short for Olympic Soccer Academy.
OSA Seattle FC’s goal is to increase opportunities and advance the game of soccer by connecting players, coaches, clubs and the community. Top caliber soccer training is offered to players using an Italian methodology created and tested by professional youth development academies like ACF Fiorentina!

OSA Seattle FC’s men’s team plays in the NPSL league and it’s women’s team plays in the WPSL league. The NPSL is a 3rd division national league, which is just one step below the professional level. The WPSL is a 2nd division national league, which is just one step below the professional level.

Playing with OSA Seattle FC gives players a chance to play at the second highest level in the Seattle area. Playing at this high level means that players technical and tactical abilities can be measured against tough competition. Playing against players of the same age and ability isn’t good enough, only through highly competitive playing situations can a players true abilities be gauged.

Playing at this high level makes it possible for college and pro teams to see which players have the grit and skills it takes to make it at the next level.

OSA Seattle FC is in its fifth season as a Seattle based club. OSA Seattle FC now works with players 16 and older and the teams are composed of::

High level local college players. OSA collaborates with college coaches to give their players the opportunity to continue their development in the off season.

International players (mostly Italians) these players stay with host families, integrate with the local players and have a unique cross cultural experience on and off the field.

Talented local u16-17 players from youth clubs.