NPSL Washington Cup | Players’ development, the center of our goals

NPSL Washington Cup | Players’ development, the center of our goals
OSA Seattle FC

Hey OSA fans, it’s official. There will be a season in Washington State. OSA Seattle FC, in partnership with Crossfire Premier and Spokane Shadow, has created a tournament for the summer of ’21. We announced weeks ago that our determination was totally in place for our guys. Nothing is more important than allows them to develop their skills. 

As our three diamonds Freddy Kleemann, Jackson Ragen, and Paul Rothrock testified, the summer experience with OSA has made a tremendous impact in their soccer career. Especially in their last season that ended with the MLS Superdraft 2021 

The tournament will take place in June and will have a final game in early July. The participants will be OSA Seattle FC, Crossfire Premier (NPSL team), Crossfire Premier U19, and Spokane Shadow. 

OSA tryouts will be on June 2 at Delridge from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. You definitely do not want to lose the opportunity to join the team.

Right after this event, we will have our first game against Everette Jets FC on June 3 at 8pm. This one will be the perfect opportunity to test new players, find returners and connect with the OSA community. 

Now, we can take a deep breath because we made it. The summer suddenly has another appearance. The sun shines its best yellow and, the sky opens up its best blue, just like OSA colors.