Osa Story | Marcus Menniti: from Boston, Tampa and Seattle soccer fields to The Milan Fashion Week

Osa Story | Marcus Menniti: from Boston, Tampa and Seattle soccer fields to The Milan Fashion Week
Vittorio Umberto Sasso

Marcus, it was very nice having you at OSA for the 2018 season. We all have great memories of you. So, let’s jump into the past for a moment. How were the level of the NPSL and the OSA teammates?
“It was a good level. It was an interesting mix between high-level college players and more experienced ones. I enjoyed the mix between the two of them. Actually, I was missing playing with more mature players. College soccer does not give this opportunity. I felt like being in an environment closer to the European or South American style of soccer. I think tournaments with this mixture of players should be more common and promoted”. 

Do you think it is a good opportunity for players to join OSA FC through our tryouts?
“Yes, no doubts. I think it is the best way to get in contact with coaches. On  tryouts, coaches can see your personality and your speed of play better than in a video. I highly recommend it. Coaches can see your fitness level, another important factor when you play in such a short league. So, you should check the OSA website and register for it. The staff will consider what you can offer to the team and how you can fit into the OSA culture”. 

What are your best memories of the experience?
“Playing for OSA is not just about soccer. Seattle and the state is a very cool place to discover, especially during summer. The experience gives a lot of opportunities off the field. I loved the vibe of the city and how much you can do outdoors. I enjoyed walking around the city, drinking some coffee, developing ideas, and spending some time with the other OSA players. These were my best moments”.

It’s always enjoyable to look back into the past for some instants, even more if memories are good. But let’s focus on the future now. Here from Seattle, we turned on the Italian news on tv and you are right there. We had only one question, what is happening? 

MENNITIFirst of all, congratulations! We are really curious to hear from you how your brand of clothes MENNITI is going and if it is possible something deeper about it. Marcus, what is MENNITI?
“MENNITI is an experience based on the contrast between the ancient and the future. But it is also the contrast between the ancient history of South Italy revisited, reimagined in an international context. It is a fusion between ancient and future, and South Italy and the world”. 

How was your first appearance in the Milan Fashion Week?
“We had a successful launch, with both the runway in Palazzo Visconti. Our in-person event, which respected all covid regulations, became the event of the fashion week. The event gave the brand high mediatic and press coverage due to the uniqueness of the event, celebrities, and top models being present. It was an honor that it became the most renowned event of the Fall/Winter Milan Fashion Week 2021”.

What’s MENNITI’s goal for the near future?
“The goal is to establish the brand and create the foundation for something big. We like to do things nobody has ever done before in the industry”. 

Can you give us some hints/previews for the Spring/Summer ‘21 collection? 
“It will be something iconic, something different from my previous collection. It will focus on an iconic MENNITI print with a lot of the contrasts we have talked about, ancient and the future, and South Italy in an international setting. The whole project will be in a very vibrant and energetic showcasing of the contrasts that are the artistic base of the brand”. 

Do you have any dream collaboration for MENNITI? 
“Not necessarily. I create clothes for those who recognize them in the MENNITI lifestyle. Me, as a designer, I do not have the eager will to dress certain celebrities. We are planning to dress some, but for us, the focus is entirely that. It will be great, don’t get me wrong but, we are thinking more about people. I want people to wear my clothes and enjoy the MENNITI experience. MENNITI is more than clothes”.

It is incredible to see how far you came but, we know that it is just the start for you. Thanks to your determination and your ideas, you will surely run in your future but not in the wing of a soccer field this time. The walkways are all yours and of MENNITI, good luck for your future from OSA Seattle FC.